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Quran, The final message from God to humanity, requires us to learn it, reflect on it and act on it. The teaching of Quran coupled with Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the driving force for Muslims. At PracticalIslam, we strive to put our knowledge of Quran and Hadith into action

We need to remember that when we work for Allah (SWT), we rely on Him entirely. We do our best regarding planning so our efforts can be as efficient as possible. We leave the rest to God. Our work style is…

  • Are we putting our knowledge into action
  • Did we plan well for this work (realistic, focused and doable)
  • What is the effectiveness of our Plan
  • Are we acting with proper amount of knowledge
  • Do we conflict resolution in place?

With teams working on different ideas using points mentioned above, God willing we will make a difference to humanity.


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