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Category: Jurisprudence (Fiqh)

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Islamic Awakening

Islamology; Islam and Violence 

Suppose you are enrolled in a school and after studying for a while, you have come to the conclusion that the school principal has wrong opinions on educational issues. You decide to fight with him and criticize the school principal’s comments every day in the class and during recreation. Some time passes and the principal treats you harshly and says that you do not have the right to criticize my opinions in this school! If you want to stay in this school, we should not protest the school rules and make the atmosphere of the students tense! You must be silent or you will be punished!


Aql, Shariah, Fiqh and their Relations 

Expressions and their explanation Independent Aql[1] (Aql as the Dedicative Force of the Soul (Aql-ul-Tab’[2])) An internal human force that controls and restrains his desires. Intellect, thought, and feeling are the three sources of knowledge in philosophy. In fact, Aql is the power of discerning…