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Ethics (Akhlaq)

Don’t break hearts! 

A precious word from a Mystic:

Dear young men and women, if you want to ascend, you want to get somewhere, start from your own home!  You broke your sister’s heart.  Go fix it.  You broke your brother’s heart, go and fix it, the heart of mother and father (fix it).  Start from home.

There are young people who have virtues, they have a ring (as to show they’re religious), they also smell religious perfume outside, but if you go home and ask, no one is satisfied with them.  So what delegation did you go to?  Why did you go to the meeting?  So what does master mean?  (What was the result of all these acts of enlightenment?) But what do we do?  We do not preserve this light.  I asked one of the great scholars who was associated with Sheikh Hassan Ali (an Isfahani mytic) how did he reach this position with God?  But God replied, “He kept what he earned.”  But we waste the light.  He gets up at night, prays at night, sits in the morning and is absent.  The light of the night prayer went away.  With a bitter word, these lights disappear.

 The son of one of the great scholars, who was a master of scholars at the time, explained to me: “I told my father that you are the sea of ​​knowledge. If you were to give me some advice, what would you say?

 He said my father lowered his head.  “Then he raised his head and said, ‘Do not disgrace anyone!’

 My dear, Islam wants to preserve one’s dignity.  Do you have a problem with this?  Notice that some people go to hell with their tongues.

 We have a narration that says that most of the hells are hells of language.

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