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Beliefs (Aqa'ed)

Levels and Grades of Heaven 

Paradise has innumerable degrees and is mounted to gradation, meaning that it is graded from the lowest imaginable degree to the highest imaginable degree (however the degrees of paradise are not imaginable at all).

Perhaps at a glance, the degrees of heaven can be considered infinite, because the highest region of heaven is the region of God, and God is infinite, and He has no limit. So the highest limit of heaven is the limit of infinity. As for the fact that in our narrations, certain degrees are assigned to heaven, this is to show the multiplicity and abundance of its degrees. That is, if heaven has a hundred degrees, this hundred indicates high degrees.

Another interpretation that can be offered to reconcile the two narrations is that the total degrees of heaven are 100, but each degree has its own classes and degrees. Therefore, this interpretation is very close to the first point that was presented, and that is the grading and infinity of heaven.

So heaven has 100 degrees overall, and each degree has innumerable degrees. Therefore, the degrees of heaven are innumerable degrees.

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