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Ahlul Bayt

Why shouldn’t the original name of Imam al-Zaman (as) be mentioned explicitly? 

The difference between jurists and scholars in specifying the specific name of Imam al-Zaman is due to the numerous and different narrations that can be divided into four categories.

1. There are narrations that indicate the prohibition of naming always and absolutely.

2. There are narrations which indicate that mentioning the name of that Imam is forbidden until his reappearance

3. There are narrations that mention the reason for being forbidden as fear and Taqyyiah.

4. The fourth type is the narrations that are specified in the honorable name of that Imam.

Among these propositions and possibilities; the issue of Taqiyyah seems weak and unlikely in some ways;


First: There are many narrations that indicate the prohibition of naming in an absolute way, while the narrations that indicate Taqiyyah are few and rare.

Second: The criterion of Taqiyyah is not specific to the name of that Imam, but includes titles and nicknames and anything that implies that Imam, while the discussion on sanctity and non-sanctity is only related to naming.

Thirdly: In some narrations, it is stated that if someone mentions the name of that Imam, he is a disbeliever, while an action against Taqiyyah does not cause disbelief.

Fourthly: Taqiyyah means in the case that in the presence of that Imam, his blessed name is mentioned and he is appointed and it is a fear for that Imam or others, while the content of the narrations indicating the prohibition of naming is that his name should not be mentioned, even when present. Be it when he is absent.

Fifth: Since the time of the Prophet (PBUH), the blessed name of that Imam has been known to everyone, and what is forbidden from it is to state and specify it.

So the five directions and the other directions; the causation of taqiyyah for this ruling is very weak and not significant.

What we can say in this brief is that the prohibition of naming that Imam may be due to further honoring and bowing to that holy existence, or due to the intensity of attention to more effective titles such as Hujjah or Qaa’em or Saahib al-Zamaan, which results in people During the long absence of Kobra, they should be familiar with these titles and pay attention to the truth of these titles, and this is more effective in strengthening their beliefs and the survival of their faith.

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