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Fake Sects

Who is Ahmad Al-Hassan Yamani? 

Full PDF file: Fake Claimants-Ahmad Al-Hassan Table of Contents Summary Introduction First Stage (Claims of Ahmad al-Hassan Yamani) Understanding the Ba'ath Party Change in the Ba'ath Party's Struggle Characteristics of the Yamani Claimant Claims of Ahmad Hassan Yamani Stages of Claim Public Invitation Arguments (Fallacies)...
[Live] The miracles (Karāmats) of Fatimah Ma'sumah from the words of scholars
Ahlul Bayt

About Sayyed 

HussainiSayyedRouhallah.CV.pdf  Table of Contents Personal Information Summary Statement Education Research Projects Teaching Experience Work Experience Activities and Achievements Skills Awards and Honors References Personal Information Name: Sayyed RouhAllah Hussaini Date of Birth: 09/21/1983 Location: Mashhad, Iran Phone: (+98) 915 977 4077, (+1) 347 566 2610...
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