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About Sayyed
[Live] The miracles (Karāmats) of Fatimah Ma'sumah from the words of scholars
Ahlul Bayt

About Sayyed 


Table of Contents

Personal Information

Summary Statement


Research Projects

Teaching Experience

Work Experience

Activities and Achievements


Awards and Honors


Personal Information

Name: Sayyed RouhAllah Hussaini
Date of Birth: 09/21/1983
Location: Mashhad, Iran
Phone: (+98) 915 977 4077, (+1) 347 566 2610

Summary Statement

With extensive experience in the field, I have developed a deep understanding as a religious researcher, teacher, and preacher. Over the past ten years, I have honed my skills in spiritual counseling, public speaking, and social media management. My expertise lies in offering effective spiritual healing and counseling, interpreting the Quran, addressing religious uncertainties, and successfully overseeing projects. Additionally, I am well versed in utilizing modern tools, including the Internet, web-administration and networking. I possess a high level of proficiency in English, and Farsi languages, enabling me to communicate effectively in these linguistic domains. Furthermore, I possess the ability to engage in communication using the Arabic language.


PhD in Islamic Law and Jurisprudence


Islamic Hozah (Seminary) Center, Mashhad, Iran

Master of Islamic Philosophy and Kalām

(Preparing dissertation with the following title:
Philosophical explanation of knowledge and perception according to near-death experiences and Quranic evidence)

Specialized Center for Philosophy and Kalam (Noor Hekmat Razavi Seminary School), Mashhad, Iran

GPA: 18/03[1]

Bachelor of Religious Knowledge


Seminary School, Mashhad, Iran

GPA: 18/11

Bachelor of English Translation


Payām Noor University, Mashhad, Iran


Research Projects


1.  300 Very Important Religious Questions with Answers

Compilation of a book based on the collection of questions and answers presented in the online group of Imam Reza Shrine over three years

ready to print

2.  Natural and numerical wonders of the Qur’an

Written, ready to print

3.  Practical Knowledge

Translation of a 7-volume book series covering topics such as Epistemology, anthropology and cosmology, theology, Guideology, Islamology, Shialogy, Eschatology.

in progress

4.  The Map of Existence

Compilation of a book interpreting the different entities and creatures in existence and their interactions as a system

in progress

5.  A New Approach to Mahdism – The Occultation and the Reappearance of the Last Savior

Written book based on a ten-session series of talks in Imam Reza Shrine.

To be published soon


1.  Spiritual Solutions in Islam to Face Pandemics such as Coronavirus

2.  Forces of Nafs (soul) and How They Release You from Suffering and Depression

3.  A Contemplation on the Verses of Surah Qadr of the Quran

4.  Philosophy and Goals of Jihad


Teaching Experience

1.   Question and Answer


Imam Reza Shrine

Online class, 10 recorded video sessions on the Zoom platform, addressing questions from overseas audiences regarding ideological and political matters

2.   Islamic Belief System


Islamic Propagation Office (IPO)

Professional course teaching Islamic beliefs argumentatively to 5 seminary students, covering topics such as creation, anthropology, knowing about God, prophethood, and the hereafter

3.   Towards Infinity – Practical Islamic Knowledge


Astān Quds Razavi Youth Institute; Imam Reza Shrine

Course on Islamology and guideology, attended by 30 Muslims from Australia

4.   Online Teaching Classes


Conducted 120 episodes of online teaching sessions on the Zoom platform, recorded for accessibility

5.   A Course on Spouse Selection


Imam Reza Shrine

6.   A Course on Basics of Family in Islam


Imam Reza Shrine

Online course with 20 participants

7. General English;

(Since 2004)

Interchange, Top Notch, Touch Stone, Scott Foresman English

Physical classes conducted at various institutions:

Islamic Propagation Office (IPO) of Khorāsān Razavi
Razavi University
Massumyeh Seminary School
Iranian Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research (ACECR)
Education Organization of IRI

8.   Tafseer of the Qur’an


Imam Reza Shrine

Online class with 60 recorded video sessions, covering Qur’an Tafseer (interpretation) from the beginning of the Quran for audiences overseas on Zoom.

9.   Islamic Knowledge Training Course


Institute of Strategic Studies

Introductory course on Jurisprudence, philosophy, Kalām, Quran Tafseer, Arabic literature, Hadith, history, etc., conducted on the Zoom platform for students from different countries. Certificates issued.


Work Experience

Director of Scientific and International Communication Unit

(Since January 2020)

Institute for Strategic Studies of Islamic Knowledge and Education, Mashhad, Iran

Projects Manager
Websites Administrator
Social Media Administrator
Media Content Production Manager

Chief Translator

(January 2010 – March 2013)

Quranic Research Foundation of Seminary and University, Mashhad, Iran

Translated the book “Allah’s Miracles in the Quran” (Quran’s scientific, natural, mathematical, and educational miracles)
Communication with ISC (Islam and Science Center) of Canada, Toronto, and inviting the head manager Dr. Muzaffer Iqbal to the Institute

Scientific Editor

(January 2016 – January 2017)

Āstān Quds Razavi – Imam Reza Shrine Cultural Portal, Mashhad, Iran


(July 2003 – July 2004)

Education Ministry Affiliate, Tehran, Iran

Developed the first web-based school management system with online registration and grades report card in Tehran in schools of regions 3 and 6

Technology and Network Administrator

(2004 – 2005)

Khayyam Mashhad Internet Service Center, Mashhad, Iran


Activities and Achievements

Successful Projects


Completion, Correction, and Optimization of the Scientific Encyclopedia


Production of Media Content

(Since 2020)

Annual Performance Report Management

(Since 2021)

Structural Design and Management of Information Website


Structural Design and Management of Online Store of Scientific Products


Structural Design and Management of the E-Learning Platform


The projects above have been or being done in the Scientific Research Institute of Strategic Studies of Islamic Knowledge and Education

Social Platforms Administration

Online Social Platform Groups Administration


Administration of five international groups from different countries on WhatsApp

Web Administration

Designed and managed a scientific and promotional website

To address significant inquiries from a global audience in a logical, rational, and pragmatic manner
To establish a comprehensive repository and consolidate scholarly and promotional materials
Prioritizing the provision of practical knowledge and the application of religious subjects that are relevant to a non-Iranian demographic
Highlighting the generation of authentic content while avoiding any instances of content duplication or plagiarism from external platformsTop of Form


Missionary Works



1.   Religious Guide and Counselor

(Since 1994)

International Foreign Pilgrims Office at Imam Reza Shrine

Provided guidance and counseling to non-Iranian visitors and guests from Europe, America, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East
  1. Missionary Trips


(Nov 2014)

Dar es Salaam; Culture and Communication Organization


(Oct 2015)

Kibaha city; Culture and Communication Organization


(April 2019)

Kuala Lumpur and Penang; Culture and Communication Organization


(Sept 2022)

Khorāsān Seminary Management Center



1.     Imam of the Masjid


Mosque and Hosseiniyah of Imam Hassan Mujtabā

Imam of the Masjid


Mutahhari Mosque

Imam and the Head of the Cultural Council


Mashhad University of Medical Sciences

Chaplain and Spiritual Healer


Mashhad University of Medical Sciences in Imam Reza Hospital

Missionary Trip

(Nov 2013)

Sistān and Baluchistān Province, Zāhedān city





1.     Senior Proficiency of English

(March 2006)

Iranian Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research (ACECR)

Cultural Activist and Creative Industries

(October 2022)

Khorāsān Science and Technology Park

In-service training

(July 2012)

Ministry of Education


(June 2013)

Iranian Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research (ACECR)

MCSE – Microsoft Windows Server

(July 2005)

WAGE Institute of Mashhad

Webinars & Lectures

1.     Savior in the Eyes of the Abrahamic Religions; Part 1


Savior in the Eyes of the Abrahamic Religions; Part 2


Conducted together with Dr. Chris Hewer (Christian Theologian and Islamologist from Ireland) and Yakov M. Rabkin (Professor of History at the University of Montréal, Canada)

Imam Hassan, the Noble and Generous of AhlulBayt


Awaited Savior in Islam and Christianity


Believing in a Savior; Views of Islam and Christianity


Conducted together with Dr. Yusuf Daneshvar



More than 50 lectures on different topics for the Imam Reza Shrine English Channel on YouTube (Live& Recorded)



Effective communication and interpersonal skills

Cultural sensitivity and ability to connect with diverse audiences

Proficient in delivering lectures and conducting online and in-person teaching sessions

Strong knowledge of Islamic beliefs, practices, and principles

Web administration and content management expertise

Spiritual counseling and guidance

Multilingual: Fluent in [languages]

Language Proficiency

English: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening – Proficient

Arabic: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening – Upper Intermediate/Intermediate

Farsi: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening – Proficient (mother language)


Awards and Honors

Distinguished member of Khorāsān Hozah Seminary in education, research, and propagation



References are available upon request

[1] Out of 20

[2] Strategic Studies of Islamic Knowledge and Education Institute

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