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Category: Spiritual Therapy


Spiritual Solutions in Islam
to Face Pandemics such as Coronavirus 

Living in a complex and sophisticated world within which rules and laws are governing man’s life necessitates a full understanding of these laws and rules. Two realms are realized so far for the entity; natural and spiritual. Here in this article we try to prove the existence of the invisible part of the nature and that the spiritual division of it is the cause and the nourisher of the natural part. It has a much wider scope. All natural events are having spiritual origins, therefore man needs spiritual solutions parallel to natural and physical ones in facing phenomena. Spirituality is a familiar concept for all of us. In this article we aim to have an eligible definition for it and we mean to fix it in our lives more tangibly so that we interchangeably defend maladies in life through a spiritual process. A more comprehensive definition for spiritual is delivered here, then two main branches of spiritual remedies for the case of Coronavirus or the COVID-19 – cognitional and practical approaches- are introduced. Because there are philosophies behind any phenomena by God and many of them are concealed from our eyes, and He is the one who has created and can stop finally any pandemic, taking a more spiritual procedure is so influential because He is a whole spiritual being as the two elements better be compatible to meet a conclusive result. However, this does not mean taking no natural procedure.