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Ahlul Bayt

The Message of Imam Mahdi’s Coronation to All the Worlds 

Getting closer to Imam of the Time is not in a place and not in a particular time. Those who wish to get closer to the Reappearance of Imam Mahdi must know that this closeness does not have a specific period of time like hundred years or fifty years to come so we can countdown and say two and three year has passed, and forty six or forty seven year remaining. Reappearance is not in terms of place either, so we say that if we move towards this place, for an example to east or west of the world, or north and south to find out where Imam is, and where we can meet him. Getting closer to Imam Mahdi is a spiritual closeness, in any time, till another fifty years, another ten years, hundred years, where we can increase the qualities and quantities of the Islamic society, Imam Mahdi will appear. If you can help within your own society to support beliefs, morals, religiousness, generosity, and spiritual closeness to Allah for yourself and others, you have strengthen the pillars of the Reappearance of Imam Mahdi (A.S).  Whatever you can do to increase the qualities and quantities of the number of faithful Muslims, then you have got closer to the Imam and the time of His Reappearance. Therefore step by step we can get our society, our time and history closer to the promised time.

The second point is, today in our revolution have movements and methods, this movements must move towards which direction? This point must per attention to.  We consider a student who want to be a mathematics teacher in future, now how are we going to provide him with the necessary steps? We must lay the grounds that all his studies we provide should be in mathematical direction. It is meaningless that someone we want him to be a mathematician then for example teach him jurisprudence, that person who wants to be jurisprudent then we teach him about nature. Is necessary that steps taken must be contrast to the result and aims, a developed society of Imam Mahdi must have these qualities. Therefore we must also provide these kinds of grounds and steps, we should not be with tyranny, we must move against anybody and any kind suppression absolutely. We must go towards the implementation of the Islamic rules. In our society we should not give any field of spreading non Islamic and Islam phobia thoughts. I am not say we should use force or restriction and overcoming, know that is thought and intellect. As you know there cannot be fight without thoughts and intellects, but we are saying that Islam must be propagated through reasons and logics in the right way.

All our national rules, codes of law and, acting organizations, all and all, in general must have Islamic contents, and day by day we get closer to Islam. This direction of awaiting of Imam Mahdi moves us forward. In dua-nudba we recite that Imam will stand against corruption, transgression, arrogant and hypocrites, and will uproot and remove hypocrisy, sinfulness, divisions and double standards. Today in our society we must also move towards that direction and move up more. This is the thing which move us spiritually closer to Imam Mahdi, and our society will move closer to the society of the owner of the time, that Mahdawi, Alawi, monotheistic society.

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