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Islamology; How does religion benefit me in my affairs?
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Beliefs (Aqa'ed)

Islamology; How does religion benefit me in my affairs? 

Main Subject: Islamology

Lesson 5: What is Religion?

Lesson 6: Religion and Dunya

Number of slides: 16


How to start?

I do exist

The world out of me exists

I want to reach the highest and longest pleasures

For this I need to act and do things

For this I need to know the existence

(Entities and rights)

(Creation and it’s rules)

I> pleasure> knowledge of entities and rights> action

Lesson 5

What is Religion?

Religion as defined by Islam


Four causes or elements in any definition:

material cause

formal cause

actual cause

ultimate cause

What exists and what does not exist.

Rules and rights

System and network

A superior an infallible entity

For the happiness and perfection of Man in Dunya and Akhirah

Main goals of religion

The love of god

Connect to eternal world

Release yourself from limitations

Religion and obligations

God’s religion, if it has hardships, is for the growth and excellence of man

The faith and disbelief of the whole world has no effect on God’s grandeur

The duties of parents, teachers and even doctors for humans are compassion and love

Religion, hell and torment

Religion did not come to threaten

Religion and Fitrah

Religion is based on Fitrah (Compatibility)

Religion, fixed and variable rules

An example

The rule of keeping the hijab and keeping the gaze is to attain the peace of the human heart and soul and to preserve the family center health

Conflict of two rulings or two laws

The obligation to keep the hijab or to protect the eyes from the impermissible in conjunction with going to a doctor of the opposite sex to maintain health

Lesson 6

Religion and Dunya

1. The world is a passage to the hereafter

Man is composed of body and soul

Spirit, the infinite truth of man

The body is a vehicle for the perfection of the soul

The world is a platform for work and effort

2. Hereafter, the inner side and Bātin of Dunya

Everything and every action has an inner truth in another dimension

The closer we get to God and the higher worlds, the uglier the face of that which is hateful to God.

Why do sinful people not understand hell as lustful?

Intense attention to one thing causes neglect of another thing (hell and torment) and its opposite (God and God’s color).

For example, someone who is in a state of trance (intense attention) does not feel pain.

3. Religion and Dunya

Religiosity is not associated with avoiding the world

Asceticism (Zuhd) is wanting not, not having not

Want this world as much as this world is and the Hereafter as much as the Hereafter is

There is no mathematical relationship between the finite world and the infinite hereafter

Strict austerities are prohibited

The first meeting of the great mystic Seyyed Hashem Haddad with the complete mystic Seyyed Ali Ghazi

4. Religion and secularism

Separation of administrative and governmental institutions from religious institutions

Religion is only for the individual sphere

The management of the human world is the responsibility of collective wisdom and human reason

How to prove that politics, government and society are an important part of religion?

1. The definition of religion includes politics

2. Many political and social instructions in the Quran and hadiths and the life of Ahl al-Bayt

3. Ignoring social and political issues violates God’s purpose of creation, and this is inconsistent with God’s wisdom and mercy

5. Collective Aql and management of the world

Why hasn’t God entrusted the management of the human world 100% to collective reason and experience and trial and error?

1. Reason is fallible and has no way to discover the relationship between this world and the hereafter


Service and kindness to parents especially at elderly causes social and worldly loss

Serving parents as one of the most important ways of growth and excellence and opening the doors of the world of Malakūt to man

2. The ability and inability of human reason to recognize dimensions of material and worldly good and expediency


Management of communities

War and bloodshed


The advanced countries of the world have been receiving interest from the people for the loans given by the banks for many years, and with this, a lot of injustice was done to the poor. But after several decades, they realized that this work is detrimental to the society’s economy, and they tried to remove the usurious banking system from their society and pay interest-free loans to people in cases of need.

Unfortunately, there are still loans with interest in some advanced and non-advanced societies and it breaks the backs of the poor and the needy and destroys production and economy.

Family and child rearing


Physical illness

Mental illnesses

Their own economy

Poverty and misery in the world

The feeling of human happiness




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