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Is Hoor al-Ain only for men?
حور العين hoor al-ain

Is Hoor al-Ain only for men? 

5 points as answers

  1. “Hoor al-Ain” is not exclusive to men.

In heaven, the best and most beautiful and handsome believing men will deserve to live with believing women, men who are definitely more beautiful than the ideals that are supposed to be for women.

In this regard, there is a hadith by Imam Sadiq and prophet PBUT, who say,

The men of heaven are young people who do not have extra hair on their bodies, who wear a headscarf and wear a crown on their heads, and have ornamental collars on their necks, bracelets on their hands, and beautiful rings on their fingers, and have a cheerful, happy and dignified face, and… Moreover, their faces are bright and each of them has the strength of ten men. On their bodies are white silk clothes, golden ornaments, and green coverings.

  1. Since women have more shame and modesty than men, that is why God does not encourage them to go to heaven with something they are ashamed of. Basically, the plan and expression of this issue that there are intimate partners for women is basically contrary to their chaste nature.You might say that same women are not chaste so Allah should something for them too in this regard. The answer is that even if some women were like that, it cannot change their essence first which is modesty, and second, it is Allah’s intention to keep women in a chaste status and it cannot be attained unless women are kept safe from the eyes and relations of unrelated men.
  2. The Qur’an states that everything a person desires is available in heaven. This verse is the general answer to such questions, why the promises and blessings of heaven have not been expressed for all kinds of people and all nations and their tastes. It is not possible to express them in detail. God says in the Quran: They will not hear even its faint sound and they will remain [forever] in what their souls desire.Surah Anbiya’, verse 102

If God were to describe all kinds of blessings in the Qur’an, then there would have been dozens of books of the Qur’an. The blessings of this world with all its limitations cannot fit in one book, let alone the blessings of heaven and the hereafter. In addition, heavenly blessings are only for example, and God seeks to strengthen the spirit of worship and monotheism in his servants, not the spirit of business. So that the servant does good deeds only because of the desire for heaven and its blessings. God wants to give man the greatest blessing, which is drowning in the sea of monotheism (Tawhid), that is why he talks about Tawhid in many places in the Qur’an and mentions his blessed name as the most repeated word in his book so that his servants can understand that the best and most enjoyable blessing is himself, not Hooris and nymphs or maids and maidens or even other low type blessings. But since some people are always familiar with physical and low-level blessings, God introduces some things for them so that they don’t get disappointed and do good deeds with the enthusiasm of those things. As some people are not guided to the right path either by promises of physical heaven or monotheism, but they should be scared of punishment so that they do not do bad things and do good things.

  1. Even if we accept that Hoor al-Ain is related to men, there is still no problem in God’s wisdom due to the previous reasons and also because the audience of the Prophet of God was usually men in the society and the Prophet had more interactions with men and basically men because of their intrinsic attributes and extrinsic qualities such as being the breadwinners of the family should be more present in the society.

In addition, women are usually influenced by their men. That is, if a man is guided, his wife and children are usually guided by his guidance.

In addition, the predominance of nouns and pronouns in Arabic is masculine, but this does not mean that women do not have a role. Rather, this is due to the limitation of words in the world. If we use the masculine pronoun for God and say Hoo-wa-Allah (He is Allah), is God masculine? No, we know that God is neither male nor female, and these are related to the world of matter. Finally, a pronoun (either female or male) must be used. Now, if men say why the masculine is not used or women say why the feminine is not used, it is apparently a pointless and useless discussion (for the reasons stated earlier.

  1. Since women have a higher sense of entitlement to divinely orders than men, they do not need such heavenly promises. Men, because they generally have a calculating mind and like promises, therefore God has spoken according to their spirit. While the female spirit is not like this.

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