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Did Muslims start the battle of Badr?
Battle of Badr



Did Muslims start the battle of Badr? 

According to the historians and commentators, the battle of “Badr” started from here: Abu Sufyan, the head of the nobles of Mecca, at the head of a relatively important trade caravan consisting of forty people with 50 thousand dinars of merchandise, from “Sham” was returning to “Madinah”. The Prophet ordered his companions to get ready to move and rush towards this big caravan that was carrying an important part of the enemy’s capital, and by confiscating this capital, they would deal a severe blow to the enemy’s economic power and, as a result, to the enemy’s military power. The Prophet and his companions had the right to launch such an attack;


First, with the migration of Muslims from Mecca to Medina, many of their properties fell into the hands of the Meccans and they suffered heavy losses, and they had the right to compensate for such losses.

Secondly, during the 13 years of the Prophet and Muslims’ stay there, the people of Makkah had clearly shown that they would not stop any harm to Muslims and even prepared to kill the Prophet himself. Such an enemy will not sit idle with the migration of the Prophet to Medina, and will certainly mobilize his forces for a more decisive attack. Therefore, reason and logic require that the Muslims, as a preventive measure, attack by confiscating the huge capital of their commercial caravans and inflict a heavy blow on them and strengthen their economic and military base to defend themselves in the future.

This action has been and is common in all parts of the world, in the present and in the past. Those who, without considering these aspects, are trying to reflect the movement of the Prophet towards the Quraysh caravan as looting do not know the roots of the historical issues of Islam, or they are biased who try to change the facts.

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