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Ahlul Bayt

A Few Sentences in Describing Sayyeds (the Descendants of the Holy Prophet) 

Fatemeh Zahra, with all her injuries, bequeathed in the last days of her life and asked the Commander of the Faithful “Ali Jan! Greetings to all the children who will come from my generation until the Day of Judgment”

  • The Holy Prophet S said if you saw a Sayyid and did not rise up in his honor, you persecuted me.
  • The Prophet S said if you saw a Sayyid and did not greet him, you persecuted me.
  • Fatemeh Zahra said, even if a Sayyid treated you badly, you should respect him/her, which we will repay on the Day of Resurrection.
  • Imam Reza said from the words of the Prophet, looking at every Sayyid and our descendants is a worship.
  • On the Day of Judgment, men Sayyids are Mahram to Fatima Athar, and their women are Mahram to Imams.
  • According to Imam Sadeq a.s, in the very dark scene of the Day of Resurrection, when all the people are terrified and ask God to send light, a group comes with a light moving in front of them and illuminates the scene. Everyone asks, “Are you a prophet?” Neda arrives: No … Are you angels? .. No … Are you one of the martyrs ?! No .. so who are you .. They say “We are Sadaat, and we belong to the Amir al-Mu’minin, we are from the generation of the Prophet and Ali, God has assigned us to his special dignity, we are safe from punishment and safe from God’s mercy”.
  • According to Imam Sadeq a.s, on the Day of Judgment, God Himself addresses to them, O Sayyid, intercede for your friends and devotees, and when Sayyid intercedes for someone, their intercession will not be rejected
  • Imam Sadeq a.s said from the words of the Prophet S: When I reach the position of Mahmud on the Day of Resurrection, I will intercede for all the sinners of my nation, even those who committed a great sin, but by God, when I reach that position, I will never intercede for those who have harassed my children, Sadat and my descendants.
  • The Prophet S said, respect all Sayyids; if he is a believer for the sake of God and himself, because every good person should be respected, and if he is not a believer, respect him for me (who is his ancestor).
  •  Imam Zaman a.s said to Sayyid Shahab al-Dini: Know the value of your being Sayyid, which is attributed to my mother Fatemeh Zahra.
  • Imam Sadeq a.s said that the Prophet S will call on the Day of Judgment, O people, whoever respects Sadaat or has given refuge or done good to them, let him come so that I compensate for him/her… And God calls, O Messenger, their reward on you, accommodate them (in Jannah) wherever you want. And the Messenger of God places them in the “Wassilah” (a place in Paradise) that is in the sight of the Prophet and his family and they see them.

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