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The cause of accepting Adam’s repentance
Ahlul Bayt

The cause of accepting Adam’s repentance 

It is mentioned in the hadiths that after the descent of Prophet Adam (pbuh) to the earth and his lamentation, God taught him words and introduced people to him, whom he introduced as the causes of the creation of the universe.

“I am a hypocrite, the master of Fatab’s words.”

Then Adam received certain words from his Lord, and He turned to him clemently. Indeed He is the All-Clement, the All-Merciful.

So Adam (pbuh) learned some words from Allah and used those words as a means of his repentance.

Regarding this verse, there are hadiths that are very wonderful, and according to the said verse and these traditions, a person can understand well that Hazrat Siddiqa, peace be upon him, is the cause of creation and is one of the causes of the creation of the world; That is, just as the Holy Prophet (PBUH), Commander of the Faithful, and Hasnain (peace be upon them) are the cause of creation, Hazrat Siddiqa, peace be upon them, is also one of the causes of creation, and it is not reasonable for someone to be the cause of creation and not have guardianship.

In this regard, we narrate two narrations, one from Hazrat Ali (peace be upon him) and the other from Ibn Abbas:

1- The narration that came down from the holy existence of Hazrat Ali (peace be upon him) and was mentioned by a group of public defenders is as follows:

Hazrat Ali (peace be upon him) says: I asked the Holy Prophet (S) the meaning of the honorable verse “The creation of Adam is the Lord of the words of Fattab Alaihi”, and he said: “When the Almighty God brought Adam down in India and Eve in Jeddah… – Hazrat Adam had been crying tears of sadness for a long time – until God Almighty sent down Gabriel and said:

O Adam, did I not create you with my own hand – power -? Did I not pour out my soul on you? And did I not command the angels to prostrate before you? And didn’t I bring Eve to your marriage? Hazrat Adam said: Yes, he was addressed: So what is this (continuous) crying of yours? He said: God, why should I not cry, that I have been pushed away from your mercy. God the Most High said: Listen to these words, through which God will accept your repentance and forgive your sins, say O Adam: God, You are pure and pure, there is no god but You, I have done evil and wronged myself. I had permission, so by the right of Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, forgive me, as you are forgiving and merciful.

At the end of his speech, the Holy Prophet said: These are the words that God Almighty taught Adam. It is as if the Almighty God consoled Adam with these words that if you have strayed from my mercy, now the value of learning these precious words is the same as a stone and equal to the neighbor of the Most Merciful and equal to Paradise and Janan, and compensation for that is a blessing. which you have been deprived of.

2- Another narration on the same subject is from Ibn Abbas who narrates from the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that he said:

After God Almighty created Adam (PBUH), Prophet Adam sneezed and said “Alhamdulillah, Lord of the worlds” with divine inspiration. God Almighty answered him: “Yarhamk Rabbak” May God’s mercy be upon you.

When the angels prostrated to Adam, arrogance entered him and while boasting about himself, he said: Lord, have you created a creature that is more beloved to you than me? And he repeated this question three times and it remained unanswered all three times. The third time when Hazrat Adam (A.S.) repeated his question, he realized that his unanswered question was not a word, then he addressed from the Lord. Came:

Yes, O Adam, I have creatures more beloved than you, and if they had not come into existence, I would not have created you.

He said: Lord, show them to me.

At that time, it was revealed to the angels of the divine door from the Almighty God: pull aside the curtains. When the veils were removed, five ghosts appeared from behind the curtain of the unseen, standing in front of the throne.

Hazrat Adam said: Lord, who are they?

It was addressed: This is my Prophet, this is Ali Amir al-Mu’minin, his cousin, this is Fatima, his daughter, and these two, Hasan and Hossein, the sons of Ali, are the children of my Prophet. And after introducing their names, God Almighty said: O Adam, these people have the first rank and their rank is very high, and your rank is next to their rank.

And later, when Hazrat Adam committed and suffered from that first desertion, he said:

Lord, I ask you to forgive me for the sake of Muhammad, Ali, Fatima, Hasan, and Hussain. So his prayer was answered and he was subject to God’s pardon and forgiveness, and this is the meaning of the honorable verse that God says: So Adam learned words from his Lord, through which his words of repentance were accepted.

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