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Ahlul Bayt

An Account of Imam Ali’s Birth inside Ka’bah 

Imam Ali (as), from birth to martyrdom, represents an exceptional personality. His birth took place in Ka’bah – which has never happened for anyone else before or after him. His martyrdom took place in the mihrab [praying place] of the mosque. Between these two points, the whole life of Amir al-Mu’minin (as) is filled with jihad, patience for the cause of Allah and moving towards divine satisfaction.

An indication of Ali’s special merit was his birthplace. No one else, from Adam down through all the prophets, possessed such a distinction. Of all human beings, he alone was born in the sacred precinct of the Ka’ba. At the time of the birth of the Prophet Jesus his illustrious mother was forced to leave the Holy House. A voice said to her: “O Mary! Leave the Baitu’l-Muqaddas, since it is the place of worship and not of childbirth.”

when the time of Ali’s birth approached, his mother, Fatimah Bint Asad, was asked to enter the Ka’ba. She was expressly called to enter the Ka’ba, the door of which was locked.

She went to the Masjidu’l-Haram, where she felt labor pains. She prayed to Allah in the precinct of the Ka’ba, saying: “O Allah! I pray to you in the name of your honor and awe, to put me at my ease in this labor.” Suddenly, the wall of the Ka’ba, which was locked by its door, opened.

Another report says that a voice was heard saying: “O Fatima! Enter the House.” Fatima went into the House of Allah in front of a crowd of people who were sitting round that place and the wall returned to its original condition. The people were greatly astonished. Abbas was also there. When he saw what had happened, he immediately told Abu Talib because he had the key to the door. He instantly came there and tried his best to unlock the door, but the door did not open.

For three days Fatima Bint Asad remained inside the Ka’ba, apparently without sustenance of any kind. This unusual event was the talk of the town. At last, on the third day, the passage through which she had entered again opened, and Fatima came out. The people saw that she had in her hands a lovely child. Both sects (Shias and Sunnis) agree that no one else had ever been given such distinction.

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