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Ahlul Bayt

The Last Moments of Fatimah Zahra’s Life 

Asma says: After a while, I called my lady, she did not answer, I said, or the daughter of Muhammad Al-Mustafa, O daughter of the best prophets, O daughter of the best mothers …  Seeing this heartbreaking sight, I was moaning with tears in my eyes when suddenly Hasnain (peace be upon him) entered and said: oh Asma? Where is our mother? Asma were silent and did not say anything. The children of Zahra (as) entered the mother’s room and found the mother lifeless. They sighed and consoled each other. Hassan said: يا اماه كلمينى قبل ان يفارق روحى بدنى Mother, talk to me before my soul separates from my body, and then Hussein (peace be upon him) hugged his mother’s feet and said: يا اماه انا ابنك الحسين، كلمينى قبل ان ينصدع قلبى فاموت My mother, this is your child, Hussein, talk to me before my heart fails. They ran from the house to the mosque and shouted: يا محمداه يا احمداه، اليوم جدد لنا موتك اذ ماتت امنا. O great prophet, O Messenger of God, dear ancestor, today your separation from us is sad again. Our mother surrendered to the creator of life. Then they went to the mosque and informed their noble father about the martyrdom of their mother. Mawlai Mottaqeen fainted from hearing this unfortunate incident. They sprinkled water on his blessed face and he regained consciousness. He cried outکنت بک اتعزی ففیمن عزاء من بعدک  بمن العزاء يا بنت محمد O Sayyidah al-Nisa ‘, I used to console my sorrow and grief to you, now to whom should I console myself after you? With tears in his eyes and sorrows in his heart, he laments:

 لكل اجتماع من خليلين فرقة -و كل الذى دون الفراق قليل و ان افتقادى فاطمة بعد احمد -دليل على ان لا يدوم خليل

Separation is achieved between two friends in any community, and it is seldom the case that there is no separation between friends. The best reason for me to lose Fatima after the death of the Messenger of God (peace be upon him) is that there is no friend left for man.

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