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The first martyr of Wilayah and the most political woman
Fatima Zahra
Ahlul Bayt

The first martyr of Wilayah and the most political woman 

Undoubtedly, Zahra (pbuh) has such a lofty position that the Holy Prophet (pbuh) who is the leader of creation, always kissed his blessed hand and said: “I smell the fragrance of Paradise from Fatimah” and always went to welcome Fatimah. This gesture and respect from the person of the Prophet (PBUH) has not been seen for any personality, which was due to the honor and respect that Fatima (PBUH) had.

With this document about the oppressed martyrdom of Fatima al-Zahra, the question arises in the mind that considering such a high position and the fact that she was the daughter of the noble Prophet of Islam, then why was she martyred oppressed like this? During her very short life, Zahra (PBUH) was a defender of the governorship and imamate, and she, with full religious and political maturity, defended the caliphate and imamate of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) as the rightful successor of the Prophet until martyrdom in the hardest way. The righteous defense and fiery sermons of the Prophet addressed to the enemies of the governorship and rule of Ali (a.s.) and his stance caused a kind of hatred to be created in the hearts of those who were against the succession of the Amir al-Mu’minin (a.s.) and this hatred made this lady of two worlds To be unjustly martyred.

All aspects of Hazrat Fatima Zahra’s life, from marriage, child rearing, chastity and hijab to social life, should be a role model for today’s women, and in the current era, her political life and passionate defense of the position of governorship and awareness of political affairs should be further investigated. To be scrutinized by our ladies.

From Zahra’s point of view, the best women are those who are not seen by unmarried men and she is also not seen by unmarried men – this is also the Prophet’s view – a Muslim woman has such a position, the best of whom is Hazrat Fatima herself, peace be upon him, but in When he comes to the defense of the province, in the crowd of the non-mahrams who watched with indifference the usurpation of the caliphate and the removal of the guardian of God, he gives such a speech in defense of the province that has astonished the history, so For this reason, the noble person is the epitome of governorship and selflessness, and he was the first person to enter this field and left a mark with his blessed life. Let us know and by following the unique example of humanity, we can follow the life of that Prophet (PBUH).

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